What are printer pain points and how can we fix them?

Printer pain points

Office printers can often be a source of frustration for businesses when not managed properly. While they may seem like a small part of the office environment they can cause big problems if left unattended. Printers often jam, run out of ink or toner, or have technical issues rendering them unable to operate.

Printer pain points: Speed and jams

If you don’t have the correct equipment to suit your business, the slow speed can severely impact your everyday operations. Many printers are designed for home use and are not equipped to handle the high volume of printing needed in an office environment. Delayed printing times and time-consuming printer startup can lead to queues. Multiple people waiting for printer materials can severely slow down your everyday operations. Printers jamming and requiring constant attention from staff delaying them from their everyday duties can cause headaches throughout the business. Jams and malfunctions may not always be an obvious fix and may incur more costs hiring a professional.

Printer pain points: Ink and Toner Cost

Another pain point for businesses is the cost of Ink and Toner. Both these consumables can be expensive to purchase and require regular replacement. This cost can add up quickly, especially for businesses that do a lot of printing. This can especially be an issue for smaller businesses that are not using managed print services.

Printer pain points: Printer quality

Print quality can also be a problem for office printers. There’s nothing worse than expecting a certain quality for your printed goods and your equipment falling short. Low-quality prints can be difficult to read and can make important documents look unprofessional. This can be a real issue for businesses that need to present data to clients or present materials to customers. Low-quality prints can reflect badly on the business and can show a lack of care or lack of resources to potential customers.

Printer pain points: Security concerns

Security can also be another pain point for office printers. Many office printers are simply repurposed home printers. These printers especially will not be equipped to manage accounts, passwords, and sensitive documents appropriately. Sensitive documents, network information and account information can be stored on printer hard drives by default. If a printer is not properly secured, this information can be accessed by unauthorised users. This kind of vulnerability can put the entire network at risk.

Printer pain points: Maintenance

Maintenance can be another main pain point for office printers. Many printers require regular maintenance, such as cleaning, replacing parts and Cartridge replacement. This can be a time-consuming process that takes employees away from other tasks. And in some cases, may require external input.

Printer pain points: Compatibility

 Compatibility can also cause issues in the workplace. Many printers are designed to work with a specific operating system or software application. This can be a problem for businesses that use a variety of software or operating systems.

What are the solutions?

Overall, there are a wide variety of pain points for printers in the business environment. But there are some key ways you can avoid or fix them. The first is ensuring you have the right equipment for your business, equipped with the correct features and safety. Upgrading to a high-quality printer designed for office use, or specific to your needs. Investing in a managed print service can free you from almost all possible pain points. You can get the correct equipment, constant support and remove the need to re-order ink and toner cartridges. The final important measure is implementing the proper security measures to help alleviate potential risks and data breaches.

So, what can NEBS offer to your business?

Here at NEBS, we provide a tailored service, supplying equipment perfect to your business.

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