In this blog, we compare the traditional shop-bought printer with a professional Managed Print Service. Weighing up the pros and cons of both and offering recommendations to best utilise print within your organisation. 


The saying you get what you pay for springs to mind! Office printers can often be prone to developing faults and paper jams are common. In fact, statistics show over 50% of helpdesk calls are typically printer related! Fixing or seeking help with such issues ultimately distracts your team from the work at hand. Meaning your employees spend less time being able to do their actual job. Not to mention the inconvenience of not having their printed materials.

Adopting a managed print service, means a team of professionals are on hand to help! Faults can often be avoided with routine maintenance checks. If you do however encounter a fault, we will be more than happy to send one of our engineers to site to get you back up and running ASAP. Here at NEBS, we have an average call-out time of less than 3 hours. So your team can get back to doing their work. In confidence, our specialised team will resolve any issues with your printer.

Toner Management

“Oh no not again – the printers out of ink!” Is this a common statement in your office? One that is often frustrating for a business. Managed Print Services, means you’ll never have to hear that sentence again!

Our clever management systems allow us to keep track of your printer’s toner levels. Noticing when levels drop low. Meaning we can distribute replacements out to you. This takes the stress of toner management out of your hands. Leaving you to get on with what matters to you!


In the current financial climate, reducing costs wherever possible has never been so important! Although officer printers can be extremely cheap to purchase. Replacement toner prices are often very high. Meaning over time your printer will not seem so cheap after all! Whereas, Managed Print Services can reduce a company’s print cost by up to 30%!

Managed Print Services are more of an investment. Over time-saving you a lot of money! They are far more efficient than your typical shop-bought printer. Saving you money on electricity. Toners also work out far cheaper on a price-per-page basis. Meaning you can print without worrying.

Moreover, document management can be a great add-on to save even more money! Document management systems make document storage, management & access far easier for your team. Here at NEBS we offer Filestar Document Management solutions. Saving money & resources for your team.


With GDPR and other data regulations, it is important to ensure your businesses is compliant to data protection laws. Using a shop-bought printer makes compliance to such regulations far harder to manage amongst your team.

However using Managed Print Services, means with access to software like Filestar Document Management you can store files far more securely. Important and sensitive documents can be stored to the cloud, rather than physical documents which perhaps would be required to be locked away. Making storage of such information, far more accessible.

Environmental Impact

More now than ever, reducing your business’s environmental impact is a key part of any company’s strategy. Printers and Printed Goods if not managed correctly can be responsible for having an enormous impact on the environment. Did you know, the average employee prints 10,000 sheets per year! When you start counting heads around your office, this can become a shocking figure. Managed Print Services offer far more efficient print options in comparison to shop-bought printers. As mentioned above, Document Management systems can also reduce your impact. Cloud storage within your organisation means you can access documents on your devices. Reducing the number of documents you are required to print.

So, which one wins?

Weighing up the points listed above, it is clear to see Managed Print Services take the win! In all areas, they offer far better solutions than shop-bought printers.

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