In today’s digital age, educational institutions are faced with a multitude of challenges, ranging from budget constraints to the need for efficient resource management. One area that often goes overlooked is printing. However, managed print services (MPS) are emerging as a powerful solution to address these challenges in schools. Managed print for schools not only streamlines printing processes but also contributes to cost savings, sustainability, and enhanced productivity. In this blog, we will explore the various ways in which managed print services can benefit educational institutions such as yours.

Cost Efficiency and Budget Management

Schools operate on tight budgets, and printing costs can easily spiral out of control if not properly managed. Managed print for schools provides a comprehensive analysis of your printing environment, identifying areas where costs can be reduced. By implementing optimised print settings, such as duplex printing and grayscale defaults, schools can significantly cut down on paper and ink consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings over time. Moreover, MPS often operate on a predictable monthly payment plan, allowing you to accurately budget for their printing expenses.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Educational institutions are busy places, and administrative staff often find themselves overwhelmed with tasks. Managed print services can alleviate some of this burden by taking over the management of printing devices, maintenance, and supplies. This means that your staff no longer need to worry about ordering ink and paper, troubleshooting printer issues, or monitoring supplies levels. This time-saving benefit allows administrative personnel to focus on more critical tasks, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Enhanced Security

Data security is a top concern for schools, especially when dealing with sensitive student and staff information. Managed print services come equipped with security features that help safeguard printed documents. These features can include secure printing, where documents are only released after the user authenticates at the printer, as well as data encryption and user access controls. By ensuring that only authorised individuals can access printed materials, managed print services contribute to maintaining the confidentiality of important information.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Schools have a responsibility to teach students about environmental stewardship, and managed print services can help reinforce these values. By implementing eco-friendly printing practices, such as encouraging double-sided printing and setting default print settings to draft mode, your school can significantly reduce paper and energy consumption. Additionally, MPS providers often facilitate the responsible disposal and recycling of old printing equipment and supplies, minimising their impact on the environment.

Remote Monitoring and Support

One of the standout features of managed print services is the ability to remotely monitor and manage printing devices. This is particularly advantageous for schools with multiple locations or campuses. IT staff can receive alerts and notifications about printer issues, enabling them to address problems promptly. Remote support also means that troubleshooting can be conducted without needing to physically visit each printer, saving time and resources. Furthermore, MPS providers such as ourselves can provide fast call-out times for in-person maintenance. Here at NEBS, our average callout time is less than 3 hours!

Document Management Systems – Filestar

With our Filestar Document Management System, you can easily scan and store copies of work on your own online archive. Doing so not only makes your files more accessible in a secure way but also makes your paper-based processes more efficient. Filestar creates office space by storing documents straight from your device to the cloud. Your documents are automatically converted into searchable PDF files using OCR (optical character recognition).

Document Management systems work in synergy with MPS providing and enhancing some of the same benefits. Including Improved document security, reduced environmental impact, reduced paper usage, and remote access. How do you run Filestar? To run the cloud-based document management service and to keep your data safe at all times, all you need is for your web browser to be up to date. Filestar helps eliminate every day the daily issues for people who work in education, making sure documents are easily retrievable, secure, and simple to use.

How we can help with Managed Print for Schools

Are you ready to increase your productivity, reduce stress and lower your environmental impact? Here at NEBS, we are here to provide you with a multitude of benefits from our Managed Print Service and Document Management from Filestar.

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