Paperwork, filing systems, confidential signoffs, and not enough storage?

These are common, daily issues for people who work in education.

At NEBS we understand the importance of keeping information safe, secure, and organised. FileStar is a cloud-based document management service that does exactly that with ease.

FileStar creates office space by storing documents straight from your device to the cloud. Your documents are automatically converted into searchable PDF files using OCR (optical character recognition).

How does this work?

On your device, you will have the FileStar app downloaded and running quietly in the background of all your digital day-to-day tasks. The file is then automatically named, stored and categorised into a folder relating to your work.

FileStar takes away the hassle and saves time in organising files.

But how do we move paper-based documents to the cloud safely and securely?

With FileStar being a cloud-based document management service, FileStar can easily connect to any computer or scanner. You then scan the document. You will be offered a personalised time frame of how long you like to store the file in the cloud. This could be e.g. 100 days to indefinitely. 

Once the document is saved, it can be organised into the authority of who can edit and view certain documents. 

This feature is perfect for schools as this improves data security.

How to run FileStar?

Here at NEBS, we care about student and staff confidentiality.

To run the cloud-based document management service and to keep your data safe at all times, all you need is for your web browser to be modern and up-to-date.

Ensuring that your device is up to date not only improves the device functionality, it makes it more compatible with new and upcoming software features. As well as this, keeping your device up to date will also strengthen your data security. 

This management service keeps your data safe. It automatically names and saves files into organised folders where select employee accounts will be able to view and make amendments at any time.

The FileStar safety feature of which employees can view and edit files, can be updated at any time. 

Having that extra level of data security is important in any industry. As roles within teams can change and job responsibilities can alter. 

FileStar works with any scanner or MFD (Multi-Code Data Formatting) IT IS (Multi-Functional Device)

(MDF scanning is when the scanner can pick up multiple images and text at once, this is a time-saving scanning machine.)

If your office scanner can capture a clear digital copy of your documents and the scanner or MFD can save documents to a server/computer. Then the FileStar app will be compatible with your device. Depending on the scanner you have access to, you will also be able to access your FileStar files and folders from there. Files and folders can be renamed and manually organised.

Overall, the FileStar cloud-based document management service can benefit schools as the app is:

·     Time efficient 

·     Cost efficient

·     Increases data protection 

·     Improves document management 

·     Improves office workflow 

·     Creates office space 

·     Flexible access control 

·     Simple to install and use

If you feel like your school will benefit from switching from:

Overflowing office drawers caused by paper-based documents? Filled storage cabinets with external hard drives? Or a data-protected document management system and you would like to learn more, click here for more information.

With FileStar, keep data in the cloud, and safe.