When working in the legal industry, it is vital for clients to be able to trust their solicitors with their private information. To keep all information secure and organised. 

Keeping your client information protected prevents any confidentiality laws to be broken. However, as a client base grows, storing confidential information in filing cabinets may become difficult. Space for an ever-increasing amount of filing cabinets starts to take over the office, you get to a point where there is not enough space to store documents and not enough space within to keep them organised.

At NEBS we understand the importance of keeping information safe, secure, and organised…


FileStar is an online document management solution that helps you securely store, organise, share and audit documents. It is 100% compliant with industry data protection standards and built to be secure for every user.

FileStar is flexible enough to support your unique business processes and scenarios, so you can use FileStar wherever you need it—from the office desktop or on the road with mobile apps.


Document management is one of the best ways to be productive in your business. It’s a great tool for storing and organising all your important documents. Moving them from one place to another is a breeze.

FileStar take it even further.

FileStar’s cloud-based document management system allows you to store, organize, edit and share all of your files on any device so that you can work more efficiently no matter where you are at any given time. 


We install an application on a server/workstation and link your office MFD/Scanners to the application. You can then scan in a document or multiple documents and select which folder to scan these to.

Once the files arrive on the server/workstation, the document is sent to the FileStar secure cloud portal where the document is fully OCR’s (optical character recognition). It can also be deskewed, despekled and if required split or kept as a batch, this is usually done within a few minutes and is ready to be searched.

FileStar can also be configured to use zonal OCR and can read barcodes and file documents itself based on barcodes.

Further to the above FileStar have a unique set of Microsoft applications. These applications are installed into Word, Excel & Outlook where you can save any document or email you are working on

directly into FileStar as either the format you are working on or as a PDF.